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Above Ground Winter Swimming Pool Covers

Which is Best for You ????


The above ground swimming pool cover for winterizing comes in two main varieties.

You have a beaded kind of cover that sort of clips into place around the edge of the pool wall. As far as I'm concerned, this seems like more trouble than it's worth. As far as I know, the other kind of cover simply fits down over the pool walls.

The way it works is that a beaded type cover will not work with a regular pool wall, but a regular pool cover should still work even with a pool wall that can take the beaded style. The beaded style might even be fairly outdated, as I can hardly remember anyone ever needing or asking for that style of cover.

You should look into ordering a cover online because you'll probably get a better deal than you would at your local pool store. As always, things online are generally going to be cheaper because the internet businesses can operate with much lower overhead.

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