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Swimming Pool Slides

What Different Swimming Pool Slides are Available????


If you have an inground pool, a swimming pool slide is a fun accessory you might consider. If you’re having a pool built, you should definitely consider it as it will be easiest to install during the initial building stage. You can add a swimming pool slide on at a later date, but if you get one that requires plumbing and anchoring into the concrete, it will be a little more of a headache.

When looking to get a swimming pool slide, you should consider whether you just want it for your kids, or whether you want it to be able to handle larger, adult riders as well. If you just want it for your kids, then you could consider this inflatable pool slide or this molded slide. I’d recommend these slides because they’re a little less expensive and they wouldn’t require mounting them into the concrete and running dedicated plumbing lines (both are kind of involved activities).

If you want a slide that will handle larger riders, you’ll want a swimming pool slide that needs to be anchored into the concrete. There are multiple options ranging from a $1300 basic slide to a $2,999 slide with a full 360-degree turn. These are very nice slides, but I would recommend that if you order one, have it professionally installed.