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Swimming Pool Leaks

What Do You do if Your
Swimming Pool Leaks????

One of the more frustrating problems pool owners face is the issue of the swimming pool leak. If there is a leak in your swimming pool, the first thing you need to find out is where the leak is located. You might be fortunate and know exactly what spot of your pool is leaking water. However, if you don't, you have a problem.

 If you want to try to find the leak on your own, you can run a little experiment to find out if your leak is in the liner or surface of the pool, or if it is in the plumbing. First, you should mark the water level with a little piece of tape, and let the pool pump run for a set period of time (say one night). Then measure how many inches drained out of the pool. The next night, turn the pool pump off, and you might even consider plugging the water lines, and let the pool sit for the night. Then measure how many inches drained out of the pool. Now if the pool drained about the same amount of water each night, then the leak is somewhere in the liner or shell of the pool. If the pool drained more water when the pump was running, then your leak is likely in the pipes and plumbing.

 If your leak is somewhere in the liner, you can try to find it yourself, though this is something of a daunting issue, and to be honest, I am not sure where to tell you to start. If you have a vinyl liner, you might be able to deduce what caused the damage to the liner and locate the leak that way. Maybe you'll remember an object that got knocked in the pool, or someone who took a glass bottle or something to a certain place in the pool. Otherwise, you are potentially going to be better off hiring a professional to fix the leak. There are specialists who do the specific service of finding and repairing leaks. They have specific equipment that makes things a lot easier for them. Also, if you suspect your leak is in the plumbing, you should get in contact with a professional pool company as soon as possible.

 If you know where the leak is, you can attempt to patch it yourself. If you have a vinyl liner, there are many companies that manufacture vinyl repair kits. You'll need to attach glue to the one side of the vinyl, and then carefully place it down over the hole. Of course, there are instructions that will come with the kit. You might even consider putting one larger patch on top of the smaller patch to ensure a better seal. If you have a fiberglass or gunite pool, I would suggest discussing your options with your local pool company. However, I suspect that fiberglass and gunite pools spring far fewer leaks than vinyl pools do. If your vinyl-lined pool has a major tear or leak, you should consider looking into having the liner replaced, especially if it is old.

 Finally, if you have any questions or doubts, your best bet is to contact your local pool company and discuss your situation with them. Every situation is going to be unique, and what might work best for one leaky pool might not be best for another. They'll be able to go over the options with you.

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