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The main decision concerning a swimming pool enclosure is whether you want a permanent enclosure as opposed to a temporary one. More specifically, do you want a building of metal and glass (or screens) or do you want a temporary inflatable dome? I get the feeling that the deciding factor for most purchases will be the relative cost.

 There are a variety of rather temporary structures that are either inflatable domes or do-it-yourself structures that kind of resemble a large tent. Is there anything wrong with these structures? Not that I know of. I would suggest that they would work almost as well as a professionally built enclosure. For instance, you'd get 75% the performance of a professionally built enclosure for 25% the cost (just a guess). This sounds good until you realize that you can make a similar comparison concerning the difference between a BMW and a Kia. If you need an enclosure and can't afford to have one professionally installed, this is pretty much your only option.

If you can afford to have a professional enclosure built for your pool, I can't think of a reason not to recommend it. You should start by contacting a local installer and start asking questions and getting an estimate. I would think that a quality enclosure would potentially add to the value of your home. It would extend the swimming season (depending on where you live) and might make the swimming more pleasant.

 I think the main question, though, that you should ask yourself is this: is your pool worth enclosing? I'm taking it for granted that your pool is in-ground, but if it's a 10 year old pool that needs some work, would it be a good idea to spend 2-3 times what the pool is worth to have it enclosed?