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Swimming Pool Diving Boards

How Do You Install A
Swimming Pool Diving Board??
Or do You??????

If you’re building a pool, talk with your pool builder about getting a swimming pool diving board. For safety purposes, pools have to be 8 feet deep for diving boards. The builder I used to work with would build the pools 8 and a half feet deep. Furthermore, a smaller pool, say a 12’ by 24’ pool can’t very well have a 8 foot deep end, as it would basically be a pit in the deep end and hardly have a shallow end. The smallest rectangular pool we built that could have a diving board would be a 16’ by 32’ pool with an 8 foot deep end. 

For safety purposes, I would never recommend that you try to install your own diving board. It’s just a bad idea. If you want a diving board added onto your in ground pool, talk to your local pool builder and have them look at your pool. If you need to replace your board but have the diving stand installed, you can check out the boards offered by InTheSwim. Of course, these are only replacement boards. Like their site says, don’t replace a board with a longer board. Furthermore, I’d only recommend replacing your own board if you’re confident in your do-it-yourself abilities. For safety reasons, I’d have to recommend having a professional take care of the installation aspect.