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Swimming Pool Alarms

Are Swimming Pool Alarms Necessary????



If you have kids, or even a dog or cat, definitely consider a swimming pool alarm.


The alarms are relatively easy to hook up to the pool. For an above ground pool, you can mount an alarm on the wall, and an in ground one basically sits next to the pool. I have to suggest that you don’t cheap out on the swimming pool alarm. Remember, if there is an emergency, you want the alarm to actually work.


Apparently, pool alarms used to be super sensitive and would go off all the time. The designers have improved the alarms so that wind and rain won’t set them off, but only objects weighing more than 15 pounds or so. If something large enough falls in the pool or disturbs the water, the alarm will go off and start making very loud noises.


Of course, you can turn the alarm off before you get in the pool, just remember to turn it on when you leave. The above ground swimming pool alarm is $130, and the in ground swimming pool alarm is $160 and I would think that it’s a small price to pay for that extra bit of protection the alarms offer.