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Have Piece of Mind with These Pool Covers


If I had kids, there would be no doubt I would go for a safety cover. The basic type of safety cover is essentially a giant trampoline that is securely attached over the pool. These covers are installed by drilling anchor points into the concrete deck surrounding the pool. The cover is then installed by securing straps to each of these anchor points. These covers are notoriously strong, and I've even seen pictures of a safety cover withstanding the weight of a vehicle (notably, the vehicle had been driven onto the pool by accident, and it was half sunken into the pool, but the cover was definitely supporting it). Keep in mind that these trampoline type covers are not going to keep out all the debris, and your pool will be a bit of a mess to clean up in the spring. It's a small price to pay for safety though.

Finally, there are sold safety covers that combine the virtues of both the winter cover and the safety cover. They are the most expensive kind, and even require a pump to keep water from gathering in the center of the cover, but they will provide you with safety and with much cleaner water.

Swimming safety pool covers