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Above Ground Safety Swimming Pool Covers

Are They Even Necessary????


You can purchase and install safety covers for inground pools, but I don't even know if they make them for above ground pools.

First of all, the safety covers operate by being anchored at points that have been basically drilled into the concrete deck surrounding the in ground pool. Obviously, above ground pools don't have this, and even if they were surrounded on all sides by wooden decking, it wouldn't really be the same.

Also, safety covers basically start out costing around $1000 for the cover and installation. It would be a little ridiculous to spend that much money for a cover when the pool itself isn't worth a whole lot more than that.

If you are worried about safety, you should look into either building a fairly secure fence around the pool, and beyond that you could look into draining the pool for the winter. It's not necessarily good for the liner, but it would seem kind of impossible to drown in a pool that has been drained of water.


I did a little research and found a safety cover for an above ground pool, but it will only fit a certain structure. If you're interested, though, here is the on ground safety cover.

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