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5 Things to know about the Polaris 280 . . .


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1. It is generally considered superior to the Polaris 180 and is comparable to the Polaris 380.

            Without going into a great many specifics, the Polaris 280 is generally considered better than the Polaris 180 and the Polaris 380. The 280 is mechanically superior to the 180. The 380 operates using belts to drive the wheels, which you will have to replace. The 280 operates using an axle instead of being belt driven. Basically, they're very comparable in nature, but I'm discussing the 280 because that's what we have in our pool. If you can find a good deal on a 380, then I would definitely recommend it, too.


2. The Polaris 280 needs a booster pump to operate.

            The Polaris 280 operates on water pressure instead of electricity like an Aquabot. Some cleaners can just be hooked up to a water jet or even operate from suction from being attached to the skimmer. However, the 280 operates on its own circulatory system. Furthermore, the 280 needs a booster pump in order to provide the water power for the cleaner to operate.



3. The Polaris 280 needs specific plumbing.

            As I mentioned a minute ago, the Polaris 280 needs its own circulatory system. Therefore, the 280’s plumbing is best installed when the in-ground pool is being built. It is possible to have the plumbing installed after the pool is made, but this would either lead to pipes laying over top of your concrete deck or your concrete deck will need to be torn up and holes drilled into through the pool wall (and liner) and so forth. If you are building a pool, plan ahead on this one and have the pool builder install one.

Swimming pool maintenance break

Swimming pool maintenance break

4. Get a timer for the Polaris 280.

            You may have a timer for your pool pump, so that you can run your pool for, say, 12 hours a day. However, you have another timer for your Polaris so you can just set it to run for 3 hours a day. This will keep your pool consistently clean, will reduce the cost of electricity, and will minimize the wear and tear on the cleaner.


5. Know that you will still have to put in a little effort.

            While it will do the majority of the pool cleaning, you will have to empty your Polaris bag on a regular basis, depending on how much debris ends up in the pool. Also, you should still brush your steps and your walls regularly to prevent any kind of build-up. However, other than some brushing and bag emptying, your Polaris is going to do the rest of the work.


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