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Fiberglass Swimming Pools


Learn the Basics of Fiberglass Pools . . .




What's special about a fiberglass swimming pool? Well, they're a little more durable than a vinyl pool, and potentially not as expensive as a cement/gunite pool. It used to be that fiberglass swimming pools only came in basic shapes, and I have even heard of them referred to as giant bathtubs. However, the pool industry has come around and realized that people rather like having custom shapes and designs for their swimming pool. So in recent years, they have begun to produce fiberglass swimming pools in more interesting styles. If you have a pool builder in your area that installs fiberglass swimming pools, they're definitely worth checking out.

How is a fiberglass swimming pool installed? Here's a very basic explanation: first, of course, the hole has to be dug for the pool. Pipes are plumbed to all the appropriate areas. Then the fiberglass shell is lowered into place by a crane. This might involve lifting the pool up and over your house or something else stressful (keep that in mind). Also, there will be a backfill of material between the pool shell and the earth. I think this would probably be sand poured in, to kind of cushion the pool shell against the ground. From there it's a matter of securing it in place, pouring a concrete footer and so forth. (Sorry that this is so basic, but I don't have any personal experience with fiberglass installation, all I know is second-hand information)

 There are a few potential problems with fiberglass pools, beginning with the potential flexing of the fiberglass. I don't think this is a problem with many pools, but sometimes the earth settles and the fiberglass can flex and settle over time. This might lead to cracks in the fiberglass, and I've heard about a fiberglass shell actually pulling inwards on a water jet.


Also, if you get tired of the finish on your pool, I think you might be out of luck. You could change the liner on a vinyl pool, or paint a gunite pool, but I'm not sure if there's much you can do to change the look of a fiberglass pool.


Overall, I'd suggest a fiberglass pool is more durable than vinyl, less durable than gunite and worth looking into.