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Swimming Pool Filter Types


Swimming Pool Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filters



D.E. pool filters are similar to sand pool filters in that these filters operate by pumping water through D.E. powder (diatomaceous earth).


In my opinion, these filters are as much of a hassle as sand filters - if not more. You'll have to change the D.E. powder fairly regularly (though these filters use a far less amount of powder as compared to sand filters) and the filters even have the same kinds of settings as sand filters, like backwash, rinse, waste and so forth.


The main advantage of a D.E. filter over a sand filter and a cartridge filter is that it filters out almost everything from the water. A D.E. filter will give you the absolute clearest water, and it might be good for someone who has extremely sensitive skin. However, I personally doubt that most people would be able to tell the difference between a pool filtered by a sand, cartridge and D.E. filter.


At the place I used to work at, I can't remember a single person ever buying a D.E. filter, we never recommended them, and there were only a handful of customers out of hundreds that even had these filters.


If you absolutely need the best filtration you can get your hands on, consider a D.E. filter, but otherwise it's probably not for you.