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Swimming Pool Filter Types


Swimming Pool Sand Filters



The cartridge pool filters are easily my favorite. They’re a little more expensive than the sand filters, and I think they’re about comparable in cost to a D.E. pool filter (off the top of my head).


They work excellently as a filter and the best part is that they are comparatively maintenance free. Cartridge pool filters don’t even have those multivalves for backwashing and rinsing, and do you know why? Cause they don’t need ‘em! Fantastic! Basically, once a season you should turn your pool off and take the cartridges out and soak them in a cartridge cleaning solution (in a brand new trash can or some large tub like that). There’s so little to it compared to the other filters, who wouldn’t want a cartridge filter.


If you can afford the extra cost (which isn’t much considering the entire cost of a pool) do yourself a favor and spring for a cartridge filter. They get my unequivocal reccomendation.