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Should You Buy a Used / Refurbished Aquabot?

4 Reasons to be Wary of buying a

Used Aquabot or a Refurbished Aquabot . . .


New aquabot



1.)  Are you sure the used Aquabot works?

Will you be able to test the Aquabot to make sure it works? Even then, how will you know that the performance measures up to that of a brand new Aquabot? It is not necessarily like buying a car, where you can take it on a test drive beforehand. Furthermore, most pool companies might potentially be uncomfortable evaluating someone else’s used Aquabot for you, especially if they’d rather sell you a brand new Aquabot. Also, if the pool company is selling you their own used or refurbished Aquabot, it’s the same problem as buying a used car from a used car dealer: it’s hard to trust them to be completely truthful about it.


2.)  Why would someone else want to be selling the Aquabot anyways?

Why would someone want to get rid of an automatic pool cleaner? My thinking is, they either want a better one or it’s not working right. Either way, it should get you thinking. If the Aquabot isn’t good enough for them, why would it be good enough for you? If they’re needing a better model, maybe you should consider whether you’d want a model up, too. This is, of course, assuming nothing on the Aquabot needs to be reworked, repaired or replaced.

Used aquabot


refurbished aquabot

3.)  Remember parts might just be expensive.

Even if you know that the used Aquabot is going to need a couple of parts, they’re probably going to be more expensive than you would think. To go back to the car analogy, once you have a cleaner you’re locked into buying the company’s replacement parts. Unlike cars, though, there are no generic manufacturers. Your best bet will be to order from a company off the internet.


4.)  Be ware of a deal that’s too good to be true.

Maybe you’ve found a killer deal on a used or refurbished Aquabot, what now? It’s kind of a catch 22, because the deal’s so good but maybe there’s a reason that the Aquabot is priced so cheap. At least with a new Aquabot, you know it’s new. At least with a new Aquobot, you know it's new.


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