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Automatic Pool Cleaners

Whether it be a Polaris or Aquabot,

they can be quite useful . . .
Aquabot under water cleaning

Polaris and Aquabot are two of the main names you might hear of if you are trying to learn about automatic pool cleaners.

Aquabots are discussed on this page dealing with Automatic Options for Your Pool (Please click here to read about Aquabots.)

Polaris is dicussed more in the pages below. However, first, what is the difference between the two types of automatic pool cleaners?

Both are excellent cleaners, but simply stated, one of the main differences is that Aquabots are electrically powered while the Polaris is powered by the internal pressure of the pumping water. There are other differences but both clean the pool very well. Aquabots are more powerful and actually scrub the pool sides, but the Polaris is quite adequate and only requires an additional small amount of manual labor.

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