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Automatic Pool Cleaner - Aquabot

This isn’t directly a money saver, but it is a time saver. Hopefully, we all know that time is money. If you consider your time as valued at $10 an hour, you could save yourself $10-20 (of your time) per week with an automatic pool cleaner.


Keeping your pool clean can be done manually (with a pool vacuum) or with an automatic cleaner.


There are automatic cleaners which -

  • creep and crawl through the entire pool, sucking up everything from sticks to algae.
    • some pressure clean the side and bottom. This can be a bit of a hassle if your pool isn’t plumbed for such a cleaner (obviously it needs to be plumbed when the pool is uiltwhile it’s being built).
    • some suction clean the sides, which in my experience, aren’t necessarily as effective as the others.

If you don’t have a cleaner, an Aquabot is an excellent choice. It is electrically powered so you do not need to add any extra plumbing. You just plug it into its own 24 volt transformer and off it goes.


It is actually a little robot with its own microprocessor. It is programmed to clean and scrub every inch of your pool, whether it be your walls or bottom. (It can’t clean your ladders, unfortunately)


It also has its own filter so it doesn’t need to drag around any excessive hoses.


Now, you might have some reservations about the cleaner being electric, but these things are genuinely safe. If it concerns you, you can always take the cleaner out of the pool before you get in. It would be a few minutes for that as opposed to a half hour or more spent cleaning. If you are really interested in one of these, you’ll probably get the best price on this off the internet. Local dealers have them but you will pay more for them.


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Chlorine Generator


Again, this is a more expensive investment, but it will save you money in the long run. Not only will the chlorine generator keep you from having to buy chlorine, but it can even save you the time of having to mess with chlorine of any kind. All you need to do to keep it working properly is keep its ‘innards’ clean and keep it filled, as explained below.


Chlorine generators are ideal for making a carefree, bargain pool experience. You plumb in the generator, wire it up, and add salt to the pool (from 50 pound bags). The chlorine generator uses the salt to create chlorine (this is why you’ll sometimes hear them referred to as a salt water system).


You might even be better off to pay a local expert to install it for you. Now, don’t make the mistake of thinking the salt would make the pool water anywhere near as salty the ocean. The pool’s salt content would actually be very low, about 3,000 parts per million, which isn’t very much. Ocean water is over ten times that much. In fact, most people comment that the water actually feels softer. So not only can a chlorine generator save you money (on chlorine in particular), but it can improve the water quality.


Honestly, to save money, you would be better off buying a chlorine generator off the internet, and have a local place install it. As with the majority of their products, pool stores tend to have a somewhat significant markup, especially compared to the Internet. Just make sure you find someone who can install it, and wire it up before you order it.


Check out the Hayward Chlorine Generator. 

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Pool Ionization for Swimming Pool Water


A pool ionizer is a natural solution for pool sanitation, but to tell you the truth I'm not very familiar with them. They're electrically powered and sanitize the water in the ionizing cell. I don't think they need chemicals specifically to work, but some systems do still need chlorine, though in a lower amount than you would normally use.
These are cheap to operate. One manufacturer says their cost is less than $1 a month. You also don't need to buy as much chlorine. So while the initial startup costs are high, the on-going costs are very minimal.

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