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Advanced Pool Water Chemistry

 Bioguard's Optimizer Plus

One of our favorite chemicals is Bioguard’s Optimizer Plus. This isn’t necessary to balance the water, but it helps to do 3 things --

  • “Optimize” the water and help make the other chemicals work better
  • Buffer the water to prevent pH from wide flucuations
  • Help the owner to work less

This Bioguard Optimzer Plus can be expensive to add to a pool, originally, but it is fantastic for helping to prevent algae. Furthermore, it helps to make the water clearer and some even say it makes the water “softer.”


Since it is high pH, it also helps to ‘buffer’ the pH.


In the long run, the benefits of Bioguard Optimzer Plus will far outweigh the cost.

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Pool Water Stabilizer (Cyanuric-acid)


You need a certain amount of stabilizer (sometimes called conditioner) to help make the chlorine more efficient and last longer. Stabilizer protects your chlorine from being destroyed by the sunlight. If your water is not properly conditioned, you’ll end up buying more chlorine, and may even start to have an algae problem.

A pool water test will determine if you need some.

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