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If you are a pool owner, you have made a major investment! So, proper swimming pool maintenance is an absolute must!!


Keeping your pool clean and maintained should therefore be a top priority - for a clean pool is essential in many ways.

First, no one wants to swim in, or look at, a dirty, yuky green pool.


Second, while the pool may look clean, it may in fact, be still contaminated with enough little things to cause sickness. Pools need to be sanitized not only to prevent algae, but to destroy bacteria as well.


And thirdly, if a pool is not maintained properly it can get very expensive to clean and / or fix. Furthermore, if some problems are not cleared up or fixed correctly they will keep recurring, which means more time and money lost. 

In short, proper swimming pool maintenance gives you a pool with sparkling clean water, which feels like silk.


But don't despair, pool maintenance does not have to be a chore. If done properly, all that is needed is for you to perform some simple routine chores and checks. By performing the tasks reported in this web site you can have the pool of your dreams.


Maintaining a clear, clean pool requires two types of effort:

  1. Manual, where the owner is responsible to do something like check the water, add chemicals and maintain the proper balance
  2. Automatic, where a machine of some sort can perform this repetitive duty. 


Obviously, this site only lists the basics.  If you do all these, you should have no problems with maintaining a crystal clear pool. If you do have problems, contact your local pool supplier or search the net. There is a wealth of information out there for maintaining a well balanced, clean pool.


We confidently speak from experience, a crystal clear pool can be enjoyed with a minimum of effort and cost. It just takes a basic understanding and checks in a consistent manner.

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For more information on the pool basics, please see one of the following pages.


On these pages you will learn the basics of proper swimming pool maintenance. We will briefly explain about the basic pool chemicals that are needed, how to check them and what additional chemicals help create a 'silky' smooth water. We will also briefly mention some more expensive, but ultimately economical, ways to keep a clean pool with a minimum amount of effort.


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